EAT LA Loves Our Chips

house-grub-150x150Check out this post on, looking at some of the best homemade chips around Los Angeles.  Guess who made it to the top of the list!

Not to be confused with “chips” as in fish & chips, they’re talking about our potato chips!

If you’ve never tried them, drop by for a basket & a beer!   And for the adventurous, they go great with Habañero Tabasco.  Don’t like to bring the heat?  Try them with some ketchup.

Here’s an excerpt from the article by Jenn Garbee:

When is a chip not a chip? When it’s an art form. Here’s a short list of great chips — potato, rice, corn, even lotus root — found around town.Potato Chips
The Daily Pint
McG’s Irish PubThey’re not on the menu at the Daily Pint because there isn’t a food menu there, but ask for potato chips and you shall receive a paper-lined basket of fantastic golden-brown, thin-sliced crispy potatoes. And they are on the menu at sister pub McG’s in Chatsworth, where they’re fried fresh daily and driven promptly to Santa Monica.

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